Youth Focus

SEEDS' Youth Focus is aimed at individuals 25 years of age or under. The Youth Focus designed for youth is being developed with the help of youth. Youth have the opportunity to take A la Carte courses or a full Self Employment program to develop a business plan and create a business. The Youth Focus includes real world work experience with SEEDS' alumni and business members.

Entrepreneurial Equals

Entrepreneurial Equals was designed for people with disabilities which may create barriers to employment or inclusion in other programs. These individuals will have total inclusion within the SEEDS SE Program and A la carte course but with extended 1 on 1 time with Consultants. SEEDS is always looking to partner with organizations which regularly works with disabled individuals who need skill enhancement or desire to be self employed.

Underemployed Upstarts

Included within Underemployed Upstarts are individuals whom have been unemployed within the past 3 years and or that have been on maternity/paternity leave within the past 5 years. As well, people who have a job but it is not enough for them to be Independent Business Starters and or they simply do not qualifying for a ministry program; are in this category. Individuals who qualify for SEEDS self employment program through the Ministry will be directed through the proper tiers. Individuals who do not qualify have an option to volunteer their way into the SE Program or A la Carte courses. Limited seating is available for volunteers, therefore participants will be accepted on a first to complete tasks basis.

Seniors Connected

Seniors wishing to learn more about today's technology to be more independent and or are interested to learn ways to maximize their living allowance will benefit from Seniors Connected. Seniors will learn computer basics for business and will have the opportunity to take part in Self Employment courses. Seniors will receive additional information on money matters including "How to own a business when receiving pension or other deserved support."

First Nation Owners

First Nation Owners serves Canadian Aboriginals who are interested to start a business. Participants will receive all the training of the regular Self Employment Program but will receive additional training on areas specific to First Nations people including taxes, fundraising, and doing business from a Reservation. SEEDS is currently looking for partners within the First Nations community to enable us to better serve the community.

New Canadian Business Owners

New Canadian Business Owners is something that SEEDS has done for several years however we have always referred to the participants as solely "Immigrants". Participants enjoy all the classes of the complete Self Employment Program however they receive additional classes to learn how to do business in Canada, Cultural Awareness and increased 1 on 1 time.

Independent Business Owners

Individuals wishing to benefit from SEEDS' proven Self Employment Program can pay for service for the complete Self Employment Program or participate in A la Carte classes. Clients will need to show proof that they could financially support their business venture after the course to be accepted even if they can pay tuition. Independent Business Owners may increase the number of classes or consultation sessions they receive based on their need.

A la Carte Courses

Learn how to develop your business one course at time per your needs. Each class is surveyed to determine demand and desire for courses not presently provided. Every A la carte course will has one free session available to twice per year in conjunction with Entrepreneur Exchange. A la Carte courses will be added and updated as demand dictates.